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Window Treatments - 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds

1" aluminum mini blinds are the preference in commercial and multi-family environments where added class, style, and features are key to decorating your spaces.  Aluminum blinds are easy for on-site maintenance staff to measure and install properly.  Heavy-duty brackets make replacing product easier so a complete blind doesn't need to be re-installed.


Aluminum mini blinds offer great flexibility because there are lower gauge slats for apartment uses, to durable slats with increased open/close options depending on the manufacturer.


1" Aluminum Apartment Blinds

Basic economical option for quick delivery

1" Aluminum Bali Classics

Durable 1"x1.5" headrail bracket great for tall windows

1" Aluminum Bali Customiser

Slim 1"x1" headrail bracket for smaller spaces

1" Aluminum S3000

Decorative headrail for a smooth finished look, hidden brackets