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My-Shield Cleaning & Sanitizing Products

In 1877 did Alexander Graham Bell foresee cell phones?  Did typewriter receptionists in the 1920s expect a portable computer?  When was alcohol promoted as the best way to kill germs - did anyone expect the development of Nano-Bond technology?

2020 brought the COVID-19 virus to the world and excessive use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, but also the quiet introduction of an alternative, safer, and more effective solution - polymer based hand sanitizers and cleaners.

We could geek out on you all day about the US Government Level-1 testing certifications, the intensity of earning EPA (and pending FDA) approval, and the expanding uses of polymers in our everyday life.  But, the average user needs to understand just this - polymers are positively charged and germs are negatively charged - the polymers form a nano bond with little swords that literally stab germs and kill them.

The basic difference is mechanical kill vs. chemical kill.  Who can remember the famous Princess Bride scene where the Dread Pirate Roberts has developed immunity to poison?  This is no different than the development of super-bugs through adaptation and mutations.  The use of Zetrisil is like a stab to the heart of viruses.

The patented My-Shield line of hand sanitizing, surface cleaning, laundry purifying, and wound healing miracle revolutionizing the way humans and animals protect themselves from an array of bacterias.